7 Easy Steps to Install Facebook Messenger


Consumers have become very demanding and want easy access to answers and support. The longer the company delay response, the more likely they lose customers.

Fact: adding chat option to a website can improve conversion rates.

Facebook is everywhere and you can’t escape it. So let’s utilize the popular messaging app to help you support and sell to customers directly from your website, Facebook Messenger.

Adding Facebook messenger to website was no easy task not so long ago but thanks to Facebook and the new Facebook Messenger plugin for WordPress this is now a thing of the past. What use to take up to an hour to do before now only takes a few clicks of a mouse. Getting Facebook messenger installed on your website is now stress free.


To install the Facebook Messenger customer chat plugin on your website follow these simple steps:

STEP 1 : Log in to your WordPress administration dashboard, navigate to the Plugins menu and click Add New.

STEP 2 : In the top right-hand side search bar, type in ‘Messenger customer chat’ and click ‘Search Plugins’. Select the plugin that has been developed by ‘Facebook’ as seen on the image below. Click ‘Install Now’ and then activate.

STEP 3 : Next, navigate to the Facebook Messenger customer chat plugin settings page, click on ‘Setup Customer Chat.’ A new window will appear for setting up the plugin and you will be asked to select the Facebook Page you want to use.

STEP 4 : Next you will be asked to select your preferred language and you can also customize the greeting message a visitor will see when they visit your website. The default greeting is “Hi! How can we help you?”

STEP 5 : The next screen allows you to select your response time and chat color to match your website’s brand. By setting the response time, you can set expectations with your customers on when they will receive a response.

STEP 6 : Next, click on ‘Finish’ to save these settings and click ‘Done’ to close this window. The Messenger customer chat plugin code should now be visible in your WordPress Dashboard.

STEP 7 : Finally, clicking ‘Save Changes’ will save the plugin onto your WordPress site.

That’s it! You’re all set. From now on all of your visitors will see the Facebook Messenger customer chat plugin and can message you directly.

Happy Selling!